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Friday 24 July 2015

Quote For The Day

    “You’re not allowed animals, it’s against the rules!”
    “Rules to which I am not subject.”                                                
                    {Number 54 and Number 6 - Dance of the Dead}

    He seems to think a lot of himself this Number 6, him thinking he’s not subject to the rules. Who does the think he is, Number 1? Mind you Number 6 is used to working outside the pale of the law, that time when he made his own tools so that he could build himself that boat, I mean create that piece of abstract art! And in his previous employment, working for British Intelligence, he was used to dealing with confidential State business, which he considered to be “above the law!”
   In fact the cat appears to be is the only animal in The Village. There are a few pigeons, as well as sea birds about. But if Number 6 is not permitted to keep an animal as a pet, but Number 2 is, isn’t Number 2 then breaking the rules? Rules which she describes as “Beneath the awful majesty of the rules, beats human hearts,” the glory of rules which no-one has seen! So perhaps for a woman in her position, she is allowed a privilege or two! Remember what Number 2 once said “We’re democratic in some ways,” in that case it’s more for some, and less for others! 

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