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Tuesday 21 July 2015

The Butler Speaks

    So there we were, the three of us, the Prisoner, the Supervisor, and myself, on the way to meet Number 1. We stopped off at the cloakroom, where the Prisoner came face to face with himself! The Supervisor suggested that he’d feel happier as himself. When the Prisoner approached his effigy, just for a moment, I thought he was going to put a hand around its throat and strangle the life out of it. But he didn’t.
   We walked along a long underground passageway, with me leading the way. Well I had the key to the door you see, the same key which fits the door to the cage back in the Embryo Room. Call it a master key if you like.
   And there we were in a large cavern, with all sorts of things going on. There was a medical team, an Assembly of delegates, technicians, all wearing white robes and black and white theatrical masks. A high court Judge stood on a rostrum, and then there was that big metal tube rising out through the ground and through the ceiling of the cavern.
   Basically ‘Fall Out’ was a trial, a falling out amongst old friends, and three people were put on trial. Number 48 who sang, danced, and generally pranced about causing mayhem and confusion. But they must have thought well of him for Number 48 to get this far, seeing as with my new master, the former Number 6, 48 was allowed to wear his own cloths! As for my “late” master, they couldn’t even let him rest in peace. The Judge accused him of “biting the hand that feeds.” I thought that rather harsh, seeing as his last action was to put his life on the line for the cause, back in that Embryo Room. But my late master, despite his new appearance, having been resuscitated, thought things would go on just as they had before. But my allegiances lay elsewhere. That is the price of fame and failure!
    I think they had it in for my new master right from the beginning, seeing as unlike both Number 48 and Number 2, he was not allowed to address the delegates of the Assembly. They had no intention of listening to one single word my new master had to say for himself, shouting him down each time he tried commence upon his address to them. I think he was being manipulated, judging by the way the Judge heaped praise on my master, saying that he had vindicated the right of the individual to be individual, when all the time before they poured scorn on him for being an individual. Then by giving him the key to his house, his passport valid for anywhere, a million in traveller’s cheques, and a purse of petty cash. Talk about bribery! And to make the offer of leading them or to go, I ask you! There was never any chance of my master leading them, he was always going to go, go where, back to
London of course.
   I have no idea what happened when my master eventually got to see Number 1, but it obviously didn’t go well between them. Because soon after I became embroiled in a violent and bloody revolution, resulting in death and mayhem, and the eventual evacuation of The Village. Allowing myself and my three fellow confederates to escape the Village in the confusion and mayhem! Oh I blazed away with a Thompson machine gun, and at one point I even strangled a man to death with my black gloved hands!
    We escaped using a Scammel Highwayman Transporter, seeing as the cage had been lowered onto the trailer. How did I know the lorry was there? Well there have to be some secrets you know, otherwise the mystery is dissipated! Anyway after emerging from that tunnel, it was a long journey home across
Europe from The Village. Eventually arriving by ferry at Dover. Surely you didn’t think that when I drove out of that tunnel, I drove straight onto the A20 to London did you?
   Anyway somewhere along the A20 I drove the lorry onto a lay-by to drop Number 48 off on the way. Eventually we arrived in
London, abandoning the Highwayman Transporter on the Thames embankment, having been pulled over by a police motorcycle patrolman. Perhaps because the lorry I was driving had no license plates!
   Having made our way to
Parliament Square my master waved farewell to Number 2, who made his way into the Houses of Parliament via the Peers entrance. There was this policeman, he gave me a very queer look, and then stood listening to my master who explained what had taken place, the launching of the rocket, everything. Then pointing towards the Houses of Parliament, my master suggested that if he goes in there, he’d find a man who could explain even more.
   As we dashed away, my master took me by the hand and I found myself running for a bus on
Westminster Bridge, my little legs trying to keep up with my master. This was strange, because the bus took us in completely the wrong direction to my master’s house! But having finally arrived home, my master paused, just for a moment, for as he was about to climb behind the wheel of his Lotus Seven, a hearse drove passed slowly. That was a heart stopping moment for him! Then having started the engine of his car he drove off, leaving me standing on the doorstep.
   The door suddenly opened with that familiar electronic hum, associated with the door of the Green Dome, and I entered Number 1’s town house. While inside I employed myself in packing two suitcases, well my master couldn’t do it, he was off handing in his letter of resignation! And after that….well I had to find my way back to The Village!

Be seeing you

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