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Friday 17 July 2015

Quote For The Day

    “It’s alright for you. I have to answer for this failure.”
                                               {Number 2 - Living In Harmony}

    Despite Number 1, as far as Number 6 is concerned Number 2’s the man in charge, so it’s only right that the man at the top carries the can for when things go wrong, or fail to go right. But how would Number 2 be forced to pay for any such failure? Simple loss of position would hardly seem to be enough of a punishment. Expulsion from The Village, he might be glad of that. Retained in The Village, but as a prisoner? That’s a possibility. Dead would be a more permanent punishment, no loose ends. Except a man’s disappearance could lead to some embarrassing questions. The truth of the matter is, we simply do not know what happens to any such Number 2 who has failed in his duty. We know what happens to those who do not fail, or do fail but not due to any fault of their own, they are brought back to The Village and given a second chance. To have been brought back for a second term in office, not always to their liking, means they would have been allowed to leave The Village in the first place. Take Number 2 who was due for retirement, he had been allowed to leave The Village to go on leave. Unless of course because of its seaside resort atmosphere, he spent his leave on holiday in The Village!

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