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Thursday 23 July 2015

The Therapy Zone

    Twins. They say that one twin can feel the pain experienced by the other twin. Might that not be the same for the alter ego of the other, as with Number 1 and Number 6 for example. It is said that considering the importance of the subject, that no extreme measures were to be used….yet. But even then they didn’t want Number 6 broken, they didn’t want a man of fragments. The tissue mustn’t be damaged, because Number 6 was seen to have a future with The Village. Yet there was pain, the tissue might not have been damaged, but it was certainly bruised from time to time. And no matter what, as the ordeal for Number 6 was prolonged by his refusal to talk, the pain became worse, as the methods became more extreme against him. And there were the drugs, the mind conditioning, the sedation, as well as the mind transference experience. Being mentally regressed to the age of five, not to mention the terrible cold, the fear, and isolation of a sea voyage! While Number 6 was experiencing all these terrible ordeals, it might be that at the same time Number 1 was suffering the pain. It’s no wonder they didn’t want Number 6 broken, otherwise it might have been Number 1 who ended up as a man of fragments! As it is the ordeal certainly unhinged his mind. He was clearly mentally unstable, if not insane! He may also have been a masochist, enjoying the pain, otherwise why put himself through such an ordeal in the first place?

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