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Monday 28 December 2015

A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

   In ‘The General’ it seems everybody, says the Television anchorman, who does mean everybody, is falling over themselves to enjoy the fruits of Speedlearn. It would seem that Speedlearn has exceeded everyone expectations. Well everyone except Number 12!
   It’s just like Carnival with everyone out to enjoy themselves, some people are even wearing carnival masks. I must say that there is more of an air of enthusiasm and enjoyment here than there is at Carnival in ‘Dance of The Dead.’ Everyone at that Carnival looks as miserable as sin, all they do is simply go through the motions. There’s not one smiling happy face amongst them, well save for one, Number 54 the personal maid to Number 6. He told her that everyone is having a good time outside. I wonder where he’d been looking, they don’t appear to be having anything approaching like a good time. Even the joyous sounds of the cheering people is provided via the tannoy system! At least because of Speedlearn people are out for a good time, and no wonder. Learning with Speedlearn means no homework for the students. I could have done with that when I was at school!

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