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Monday 21 December 2015

Well It Was Worth A Try Number Two.

    Number 6 must have had, if not encounters, then an encounter with Number 2 and his assistant Number 10, otherwise how would he have been able to weave his fairytale around them. To make Number 2 and Number 10 the two main protagonists? Of course Number 10 is quite unique to this episode, a male Number 2 has never has a female assistant before. Yes there was Nadia that’s true, but she wasn’t Number 2’s assistant, not in the true sense of the word. Nadia didn’t live in The Village, she had been assigned to it.
    Was it really worth a try? It may be supposed that anything is worth a try once, and if you notice they never try anything more than once. I don’t really know why they even bothered with such an episode as ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’ Nor do we know who it was who came up with the idea, I can’t see it being Number 2, “Might drop his guard with children. That one wouldn’t drop his guard with his own grandmother!” That only leaves Number 1, and one can only suspect that he knew what he was doing. But to all intents and purposes it may be wondered why they even bothered, but instead to bring back Number 2 at an earlier date for ‘Degree Absolute.’ But I suppose ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ provided a little light relief from what had taken place before, and what was still yet to come. As for Number 2, well he’ll be brought back, if he ever left The Village that is, when its disclosed that his predecessor faired no better than he. Because there is but a week between ‘Once upon A Time’ and ‘Fall Out,’ hardly enough time to allow a defeated Number 2 to leave The Village only to bring him back for a second bite of the apple. After all when all is said and done, ‘Fall Out’ is the final throw of the dice, the final desperate manipulation of Number 6 by a failing power.

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