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Monday 7 December 2015

Number 2

    Was it so wise for Number 1 to instigate so many different Number 2’s? Because it does seem to always put Number 2 at a disadvantage, seeing that each of them would require a “settling in” period, if only to come to terms with The Village and the workings of its administration. But perhaps any such Number 2 would have been briefed on both The Village, and the duties of Number 2 to be carried out, and Number 6, so was expected to hit the ground running so to speak. And between each new Number 2, there would be a cooling off period for Number 6, affording him a break in his ordeals with Number 2. It might be the case that Number 1 thought that any successive Number 2 would be an improvement on his or her predecessor. Unfortunately for him, and lucky for Number 6, that didn’t always prove to be the case!
   As it is with the THEPRIS6
NER 2009 series, there is but one Two, which means Two is permanently nasty, and affords Six no such break in his ordeal!

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  1. Hello David,
    that's an interesting way to look at it. I agree, in a way it puts Number 2 at a disadvantage, too. And under pressure.
    Who knows, maybe its one way how to prevent success.
    There's another aspect to it: If we assume that the plan is to confuse Number 6 and/or other prisoners, so that they don't find the time to get used to one Number 2, we should also assume that Number 2 has not enough time to get used to Number 6 or Number 1, neither. Of course, there are files available, but still, there's a difference between files and reality.

    Best wishes

    1. Hello Jana,
      That's an interesting comment.
      A way of preventing Number 2's success, I hadn't thought of that. After all what if it had been Number 6 who had physically died in the Embryo Room instead of Number 2, I expect they would have resuscitated him!
      Number 2 not having enough time to get to know Number 6, I like that. And its true, Number 2 can read all he likes about Number 6 in his file, but the reality of the man, is as you say, very different.

      Best wishes