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Saturday 5 December 2015

No.14 And Her New Wonder Drug!

   Was Number 6 sedated or not when he was lying for the third time on the doctor’s operating table in ‘A B and C? That would all depend upon whether or not there was a sleeping sedative in the tap water!
   If Number 6 wasn’t sedated, or unconscious, it may be supposed that the doctor would have reacted. She would have informed Number 2 of the fact. On the other hand, if Number 6 wasn’t sedated or unconscious perhaps she did notice but was cool and calculating enough not to react and kept it to herself. But then at one point during that final dream sequence Number 6 collapsed despite the third dose of the drug having been diluted. But can we be sure Number 6’s collapse was genuine? It certainly looked genuine. If it wasn’t, then the doctor would have had to have gone along with it, but for why? Certainly the doctor’s reaction was a genuine one, as she was concerned for her patient’s health, and that was genuine and evident from the beginning. The reason being that her new wonder drug hadn’t even been tested on animals, let alone humans. So really she was reluctant to test it on Number 6. But if she hadn’t, Number 2 would have had it proved on her! After Number 6’s collapse it was the doctor’s opinion that they had pushed the subject as far as they dare. But Number 2 wants the dream back. He might know who ‘C’ is, but he still doesn’t know what Number 6 was selling. But if it kills Number 6, well he’ll have to take that risk. The doctor does her best to protect her patient. At least she does have some ethics, but then if she hadn’t developed her new drug in the first place………
   In the end the doctor does not accept Number 2’s suggestion that her drug failed, but is pleased that Number 6 succeeded. Might it not have been the case that the doctor in administering that final dose of her drug, noticed that it was of a lighter purple colour than the previous two doses. After all Number 6 had emptied two thirds of the drug into his handkerchief and replaced it one part drug to two parts water. And yet when the third dose was administered to the subject the colour is as dark as the first two doses. But just a minute there’s something not quite right. In a shot of the third syringe in the case, the syringe is roughly half filled. But if you watch the action, when the doctor picks up the syringe in order to administer the third dose of the drug to the subject, the syringe is only about a third full!
    Just because Number 6 managed to dilute the third dose of the drug, so that he could control his dream, didn’t make it any less dangerous. In fact the dilution of the drug could have made it worse, through possible side effects! And in any case would the dilution of the drug have the desired effect of enabling Number 6 to control his dream. After all can any of us control our dreams to quite this extent? But there it is, Number 6 did manage to control his dream and so turn the tables on Number 2, so we simply have to accept the fact. But it doesn’t stop us from wondering. Perhaps the doctor-Number 14 did make a number of mistakes. “We all have to make mistakes, sometimes we have to,” as she once said.

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