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Friday 4 December 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Number Six come along in, heard you were having a spot of bother.”
                                             {Number 2 - The Schizoid Man} 

    That’s quite an understatement Number 2 made. Number 6 has had nothing but a spot of trouble since his arrival in The Village. First Number 2 tried to get him to give one simple piece of information away, expecting all the rest to follow. When it didn’t a personal maid, Number 66, was assigned to the Prisoner. She was supposed to play on his sympathies, but the Prisoner was having none of it and told her to get out, and not to forget what she came back for! He attempted to escape and we know how that ended, with the Prisoner being confronted, and subdued by an amorphous, membranic thing! Then he met an old colleague, Cobb, on a ward in the hospital. Cobb was supposed to have committed suicide, the Prisoner confronted Number 2 about Cobb. But Number 6 had to start all over again, with a new Number 2. Number 9 was then assigned to Number 6. He was tricked into attempting another escape a second time, by helicopter, but was brought back to The Village in a demonstration that escape is not possible.
    Number 6 then met Nadia Rakovsy, who was brought to The Village suffering from nervous tension. She was in The Village to recuperate. Only she told Number 6 that she had committed no crime, all she had done was to resign! After that she played on Number 6’s sympathies, seeing as he had resigned only to find himself, like her, in The Village. Then she reeled him in by telling Number 6 that she knows the location of The Village. There is an escape of sorts, but Number 6 is hoodwinked, he’s back in The Village, and has been betrayed by his former colleagues.
    ‘Free For All,’ and Number 6 stands for election, but democracy in The Village is an illusion, and Number 6 in thinking that he‘s not a number but a person is laughable. The illusion is maintained by the use of drugs and mind conditioning, which on occasion Number 6 is less effected by. One time he makes an escape attempt, this time by jet boat, but in the end the escape is but a watery reflection of his former escape along the beach of the estuary by Mini-Moke, both ending with the same result….a confrontation with the Guardian. It’s a hard learned lesson, but at least the tissue wasn’t damaged, only bruised!
    Number 6 might have thought that his thoughts, his very dreams were safe. But no, Number 2 had a doctor-Number 14 use her new drug to get into Number 6’s dream, even to manipulate them in order to discover the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation. More than that, Number 2 had the Prisoner’s whole life researched and computed, and it all boiled down to the fact that Number 2 believed that the Prisoner was going to sell out, either to A B or C! But it seems that the computer had its wires crossed, because the Prisoner wasn’t selling out, he was going on holiday.
    They took the Prisoner’s name and identity away from him, not that he had a name of any kind of identity in the first place. Then they gave him a number, 6. But as if that wasn’t bad enough, they even went and took that away from him. Gave him a make over so he looked like someone else, conditioned his mind, and gave him a different Number that of 12, or two times Six if you like. And Number 2 said that he’d heard Number 6 was having a spot of trouble! An understatement if ever there was one!

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