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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Caught On Camera!

    “Don’t worry, they always do that, he’ll be alright in a moment.” That’s what the doctor-Number 40 told the Supervisor in the opening scene of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ This is when the doctor is carrying out a medical experiment in order to extract information from Number 6.
   I realise there are certain situations and circumstances within ‘the Prisoner’ which we have to accept, to take them at face value. That it’s not good to nit-pick too much. But why does everyone undergoing this form of medial experiment always sit up and fling theirs arms out like that? Clearly it’s impossible to say with any great certainty, I can only suggest that it’s a sudden violent reaction to the drug being used, until the body clams down. Even if not, it certainly makes for a good visual effect. The over confident doctor thought his experiment was going to work, he knew it would. Disappointingly for him it didn’t, because he didn’t know Number 6 at all. He would have died first before giving any information away.

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  1. Imagine a (drug induced) VR experience in your head and before your very eyes, a wasp to start with. You'd be waving your arms, wouldn't you. I'd guess that's what No. 6 was doing. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      If anyone would have an idea about this I thought it might be you, and I'm happy to see my faith in you was proved. What's more I enjoyed reading your comment, which is imaginative and amusing.

      Very kind regards