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Thursday 31 December 2015

Quote For The Day

    “I’m not one of them, you are!”
                              {The Rook-Number 58 - Checkmate}

    There had been a slight misunderstanding. The Rook had put Number 6 to his own test, and convinced himself that he was one of them, a guardian. Then having made his way back to shore aboard the pair of rubber lilos, he went to the Green Dome and convinced the others. And they released Number 2. But the Rook wasn’t the only person to profess their innocence in this way. Monique told Number 6 that she wasn’t one of them, to which he replied “No, no-one is.”
    That’s the trouble in The Village, you don’t know who anyone is. Who is anyone in The Village? Number 6 attempted to at least discover who the Prisoners and who the warders, what little good it did him. That was something he vowed to do in ‘Free For All,’ but it took him another five episodes until he succeeded. But even then it didn’t do him any good, because having put to Number 6 his own test the Rook had convinced himself that Number 6 was one of them!

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