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Monday 21 December 2015

The Schizoid Episode!

    There is something quite unique about ‘The Schizoid Man,’ it’s the only episode which is supposed to take place in The Village yet only contains some stock film footage of Portmeirion at the end! What the episode does rely on is interior sets of buildings, sets of Portmeirion, and sets which are supposed to be in The Village, as well as a back-lot at MGM film studios. I think the only rival to ‘The Schizoid Man’ would be ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ which has one shot of the beach and cliffs at Portmeirion, but that episode isn’t supposed to be filmed anywhere near The Village! ‘The Schizoid Man’ has a good plot, however the change in the colour of one blazer lets the plot down, even more than the lack of Portmeirion content.

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