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Thursday 3 December 2015

Caught On Camera!

    The Prisoner asked the maid Number 66 how he could turn the music off. She told him that they couldn’t, it’s automatic. But after the Prisoner had trampled the black loudspeaker to pieces underfoot, the music still played, and there wasn’t another loudspeaker in the cottage! So how was it possible for the music to still be playing, unless there was a hidden loudspeaker in the cottage? But if that was the case, why the need for the black loudspeaker in the first place, just for show perhaps! However eventually the piece of music being played comes to a natural end, and no further music is played. Perhaps because the attention is then on the maid-Number 66 who tries to extract some kind of information from the Prisoner. And then soon after the maid leave ‘6 Private’ an electrician arrives, “Electrics sir, sorry for the intrusion,” to replace the busted loudspeaker. Have you observed how he activated it, he knocked on it! Perhaps not to activate the loudspeaker itself, but as a signal to notify someone via the hidden microphones, either at Electrics Control, or in the Control Room, that it was time to activate the loudspeaker, and thereby turning it on and starting the music once more.

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