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Tuesday 29 December 2015

Quote For The Day

    “You of all people.”
                 {Roland Walter Dutton - Dance of The Dead}

   Why was Dutton so surprised to see someone he knew? Perhaps he thought the man standing before him, Number 6, would be the last person he would meet In The Village. He might well have thought ZM73 was too quick witted to be caught. But Dutton doesn’t know that ZM73 had handed in his resignation, and so no longer works for British Intelligence. But even so, the Prisoner having resigned his job, went home to pack, but something happened. And when he woke up he was in the Village. Perhaps Dutton wasn’t sure of his former colleague, that he was perhaps assisting Number 2. But then even if he was, what possible difference could it have made? Dutton had told that doctor everything he knew, he never had access to the vital stuff. The only thing is the doctor didn’t believe Dutton, and thought he was simply reluctant to go further. But Dutton had no more information to give, and in all probability was not trained in anti interrogation techniques. Not even Number 6 could help Dutton, and was resigned to the fact that there was a termination order against Number 42, Dutton. But in the end it was worse, the doctor had gone too far with Roland Walter Dutton, such was his enthusiasm for human experimentation. But then why issue the termination order? Even Number 2 knew that Dutton was expendable, that’s why she allowed the doctor to go as far as he did. But perhaps the person who issued that termination order against Dutton, hadn’t expected the doctor to go too as far as he had with his experiments in order to extract information from Dutton.

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