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Sunday 20 December 2015


   ZM73 might have found Professor Seltzman, but little good it would have done him had it not been for the undertaker, who was at the time masquerading as a chauffeur. Because if he had not turned up when he did, ZM73 and Professor Seltzman might well have found themselves in the clutches of British Military Intelligence. And that wouldn’t have been any good for ZM73 at all, because that would have left his mind still wrongly housed in the body of the Colonel. What’s more he might well have had to get used to that body, even though it wouldn’t have been at all to his liking. No, ZM73 would have had to get back to The Village in order to put things right, but how? If Sir Charles Portland did have anything to do with The Village, then he could have sent both Seltzman and ZM73 back there. If not, then ZM73 would have to rely upon the knowledge he gained in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ of the location of The Village. Because it can be argued that having escaped The Village, he could have navigated his way back there. And if not, then ZM73 was well and truly stuffed, and would have to settle for his appearance as the Colonel, which would have made life very difficult for him. Regarding his identity for example, his fingerprints, birthmarks, dental records etc, etc. Although to him he’s ZM73, to the World he’s the Colonel. And what of the Colonel back in The Village? His fate would be going about The Village as Number 6. I’m not at all sure, under those circumstances, which of the two would have the worse fate!

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