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Friday 4 December 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

    Mister X was had taken over from where Colonel Hawke-Englishe had left off, at the cricket match. Then after getting all hot and bothered at the Turkish baths, the action moved to the fairground and that of Barney’s Boxing Booth, as he‘s in pursuit of the Girl. But just a moment, isn’t that the photographer with the girl there? Mister X seems to have missed an opportunity! Ah but the note in the steam box told him to go to Barney’s Boxing Booth, so that’s where Mister X was going, and in any case that’s not the Girl Mister X is after, she’s merely a diversionary look-a-like! When he does get close on to this girl on the Caterpillar, all he gets is a slap in the face for his troubles. And again on the Roller Coaster, all he gets is a load of verbal abuse from the photographer, don’t you Mister Sherlock Holmes!

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