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Thursday 24 December 2015

The Professor - What Does He Profess?

    That he was introduced to the General, well there’s nothing much wrong in that. If there is one fault, then perhaps it lies with Number 2’s contradiction, that the Professor gave birth to the General that he loves it with a passion. However Number 2 is right that the Professor probably hates it even more, because of that recorded message he had for his students.  Saying that the General must be destroyed if the students wish to be free, and as for Speedlearn it’s an abomination!
    The Professor may well be just who he professes to be. A lovely man with a kindly image, just the man to be the face of Speedlearn, because the students will then take anything from him. He may well have been a retired academic in his former life, not necessarily a Professor but a simple school master, who had been selected to work in The Village on a very select educational experiment. Selected and forced to write lectures, hence the need for Madam Professor, the one being essential for the other. Madam coaxes her husband to keep working, while the Professor keeps working in order to see that no harm befalls his wife.
    On the other hand, the Professor might not be who Number 2 professes him to be. He could just be an ordinary school teacher retired from his former life, who was then brought to The Village in order to create and type up lectures for the Speedlearn experiment. His wife invited to accompany him so that Number 2 could play the one off against the other. His wife could have been an art teacher, hence Madam Professor’s art seminars. However, maybe the title of Professor was bestowed upon him as an honorary title after he arrived in The Village, along with a very impressive house, with elaborate decorations, furnishings, paintings and books. And as long as he co-operated, both himself, wife and house were secure. Just as long as he co-operated………

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