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Tuesday 22 December 2015


    I’ll have to call you Zed Em Seventy-three because we don’t have a name for you, unless you would prefer to be known as John Drake…..No? Oh well fair enough. So you’re going to do it are you, you’re going to step over the threshold and do it? Have you really thought this through? Stupid question, of course you have. But consider the consequences. Once you’ve handed in that letter of resignation there will be no going back. And then what, do you really think they will let you go just like that? A man of your worth and calibre, of course they wont. They will keep you under the closest possible surveillance, or worse. Well they’re not sure what you intend to do afterwards, perhaps they expect you to go the same way as Chambers who is now late of the Foreign Office! Either him, or Cobb, yes Cobb’s gone, he was supposed to be in Germany, but he’s not there now. And then there’s Dutton, I don’t know why he’s gone, all they want is for you to go and everyone will be happy. No, I didn’t mean that. But I can see you’re hell bent on taking the action you’ve been planning, so I’ll be on my way and let you get on with it old boy. But you’ll only have yourself to blame if they crucify you. They don’t like people walking out, sorry I mean resigning. I say, you’re not going to defect? Although as I recall that business with Seltzman didn’t go at all well in your favour, but at least he’s safe, and his invention is safe and free from perversion. I understand what it is you are about to do, but I cannot altogether think it a wise action. Oh well, if you are hell bent on taking this current course of action, good luck old boy.

I’ll be seeing you.

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