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Sunday 6 December 2015

The Girl Would Love A Man To Death!

    "Alright darling you win. I've just realised something. I don't want to kill you anymore. You are the best. If I kill you, what will be left for me? Life would be a bore. Why don't you join us, my father and me? We could have a wonderful life together. You would be a constant challenge to me."
                       {The girl - The Girl Who was Death}

    Yes, that would be lovely living with The Girl Who Was Death, perhaps to be married to her, because from the moment Mr. X woke up on his honeymoon his life would be in danger. Not while he was asleep of course, oh I realise that death can come when you’re asleep, well you’re off your guard then. But to kill a man when he’s sleeping, that would be unsporting even for The Girl Who Was Death. There would be no pleasure in it for her, killing Mr. X while he was awake would be a sexual pleasure for her. So perhaps when he was shaving in the bathroom he might have to fend the Girl off with his safety razor, having seen her coming at him in the mirror. Or while having breakfast…would Mr. X trust eating a breakfast? The Girl might have cooked it, or if not, she might have been able to put poison in his food, tea, or coffee. Death might come to him at any moment of the day. He would be constantly on his guard against the Girl in order to ensure his continued survival. He would never know when an attack on his person would come. He might go out for the morning newspaper, and upon his return go to hang his coat up and agggghhhhh! The Girl leaps out at him with a big knife, having been hiding in the wardrobe since he went out that morning patiently awaiting his return. And during the day the Girl might lay any number of death traps for Mr. X to fall into, each one more deadly than the last. She might think of any number of different ways to love Mr. X to death, such would be her constant challenge, until one day when his luck run out.

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