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Monday 14 December 2015

Best of Luck With Your Exams!

    Number 51 passes the time with a waiter, Number 36, they exchange talk about the weather. It being nice today it'll be nice again tomorrow. Then Number 51 asks the waiter what happened in 1878. “Eighteen seventy-eight? Eastern Romania was declared an autonomous state of the Turkish empire,” word perfect. Then Number 51 bids the waiter "Best of luck with the exams!"
    Now why would Number 51 say that? After all is there any need for the students of Speedlearn to actually take exams? I shouldn’t have thought so. After all, all the information of the Professor’s lectures are indelibly imprinted on the cortex of the brain via the eye’s iris.
   It’s no wonder the students are seen out and about The Village one evening celebrating the fruits of Speedlearn. Because with Speedlearn there is no homework, as the banners proclaim. Well there wouldn’t be, would there?!

Be seeing you - and don't forget "Up the Professor."


  1. Ho, ho, ho! I haven't seen this, David, thank you! But what is it? An immanent confirmation of the obvious fact that, as you say, "with Speedlearn there is no homework, as the banners proclaim." If so, the doubling of reality would seem to be an ironic wink, a comment on the episode action and the Speedlearn conception as such? - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Having read your comment with a keen interest, yes I think it probably is. But what a terrible thing Speedlearn is, every student knowing the exact same historic facts, and spouting the same answers word for word. But then Speedlearn was only an educational experiment, yet with its success what then? As Number 2 said they'll be making history of their own. I've often wondered what he meant by that. Perhaps making history with Speedlearn, or perhaps to re-write history. If one could feed enough people with false facts, false information, and eventually those falsehoods become the reality!

      Very best regards