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Sunday 20 December 2015

Questions, Questions, You Don’t Expect Answers Do You

    I read somewhere, or heard somewhere, that people who are interrogated always talk on the third day. Well Number 6 must be an exception to the rule, because on the third day he managed to turn the tables on Number 2.
    Why is it that the most simple options are never employed with Number 6 when they are attempting to extract the reason behind his resignation, but instead they choose the most elaborate plans? True the doctor Number 40 did once take a more direct approach in extracting information from Number 6, buy using Roland Walter Dutton as a communications medium. But they could simply have really got Number 6 drunk that time in the Therapy zone, and being intoxicated with hard liquor, Number 6 would have talked his head off. That instead of going on wasting time with a local election, which didn’t seem to achieve very much at all. Will Number 6 never learn? Doesn’t seem like it. And if Number 6 had talked, had told them the reason why he resigned, what then? Was all the rest expected to follow? And what of Number 6? He would have become a most boring fellow, no longer of any importance whatsoever to either Number 2 or to the plot of ‘the Prisoner.’ Just an ordinary citizen living out his life incarcerated in The Village. Eventually to be retired into the Old People’s Home.

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