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Thursday 10 December 2015

Thought For The Day

   Why did Number 6 seek to exact his revenge of Number 73 on Number 2? After all Number 2 didn’t actually kill 73, he might have looked to have been about to lay his hands upon her, but he hadn’t. In fact 73 didn’t jump out of bed and out through the hospital window until Number 6 came bursting into the room. Did she recognise Number 6? Perhaps she thought Number 6 was Number 2’s assistant, there to do her harm. What other reason could there have been?
    There’s something else about ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ it is only the fourth time in which Number 6 admits to his number. The first time is during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ the second in ‘A B and C,’ and the third time is in ‘The Schizoid Man,’ and ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ makes it the fourth.
    When I first watched ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ I remember how I thought Number 2 had got it right, no matter how paranoid he was. That Number 6 was a plant. That his resignation was nothing but a front, the reason behind it was to see where his resignation would take him. Perhaps ZM73 had merely followed the way of others before him. People who for one reason or another had disappeared without trace, and ZM73’s task was to find out what had happened to them. And when ZM73 finally managed to escape, it was up to the Colonel to de-brief him about The Village. But the powers that be were too clever, seeing as they snatched their prize agent from under their noses, to return him to The Village, this time thinking for good.

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