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Friday 18 December 2015

KAR 120C

    Except it isn’t, this is a Lotus Seven impersonating KAR 120C. Because by the time the original was called for, for filming scenes for ‘Fall Out,’ it had been sold. So a look-a-like was called for. Never mind, the Prisoner never knew the difference, he climbed in behind the wheel of the car and drove off.  At the end it was just like it had been at the beginning, a green Lotus Seven with a yellow nose hurtling towards the camera from out of the distance along a long and deserted runway. But then that is the original KAR 120C, the impersonator’s moment of glory had come and gone in an instant!  

Be seeing you


  1. Another case of doubles/look-a-likes (e.g. the gardener/electrician, 6/Curtis etc.) but this time, outside of the Village!
    Be seeing you

    1. Hello ZM72,
      Yes of course you're right, another look-a-like in 'the Prisoner,' how the hell did I miss that one? Well spotted that man.

      Very kind ragards