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Monday 28 December 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

    Number 2 is pictured here wearing the Great Seal of Office. According to Monique, when she and Number 6 discovered the replica of the Great Seal, having been made by her father, she said that it was always worn at ceremonies. Then why wasn’t Number 2 wearing the Great Seal at the Exhibition of Arts And Crafts when he was presenting the prize awards? Perhaps that wasn’t recognised as an “official” ceremony. But I would have thought at the very least Number 2 should have been wearing the Great Seal of Office during the election period of ‘Free For All,’ and having lost the election, should have passed the Great Seal on to the new Number 2, that being Number 6. Then the real new Number 2, the former Number 58 could have taken the Great Seal from Number 6. But I expect the problem was, the Great Seal of Office didn’t come into existence until later in the series production, when the script was written for ‘It’s Your funeral!’

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