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Saturday 19 December 2015

Village Life!

    Here we are then, in the village, oh not the Village, but that of Witchwood, or to go by the correct spelling Wychwood. But there is a Bell Tower, and the Girl having taken the high ground, has made it her sniper position. There you are, having given heavy machine gun fire and now you’re throwing stick grenades at Mr. X. Look at him down there, struggling with the controls of that caterpillar loader, you don’t really want to kill him do you? If you kill him, what would be left for you? Better to marry the man, then he’d be a constant challenge to you, him being a born survivor and you a born killer. You said you just realised that you didn’t want to kill him. But that was a lie of course, you simply cannot help yourself. Oh well I’ll leave you to it. Mind you I’ve never seen death look quite as attractive as you, and that Prussian pickelhaube helmet you’re wearing looks very fetching.

Be seeing you  

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