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Monday 14 December 2015

Then One morning……

    ZM73. for want of a better name, wakes up on the day he is set to hand in his letter of resignation. He looks at his wristwatch, the time is eight forty seven. {But that’s not his wrist and hand, mind you it’s not those of the Colonel either! Oh well forget that for the moment}
    He rises off the couch pom-pom ming to himself. He puts on his dressing gown. Looks out of the window, it’s not a bad day weather-wise. Now lets see, oh yes Janet’s birthday present, he looks at her framed photograph, hope she likes it, can always change it if she doesn’t. So what’s on for today, lets see. Ah car service, dentist appointment err no, no, no, have to cancel that because Sir Charles lunches they go on forever, but who can blame him he’s the boss. Then in the hallway ZM73 sees an alien image to him in the mirror, that of the Colonel.
   The last time we saw the Colonel he was fully clothed being given a demonstration of the Seltzman machine. So how did he end up waking up in No.1 Buckingham Place wearing ZM73’s pyjamas? After having undergone the mind transference he must have gone to bed, because of the pyjamas he was wearing. Otherwise he must have been undressed and put into those pyjamas after having been taken back to his home in London. But why should ZM73 go to bed in The Village having just undergone the mind transference, which would have given Number 6 time to come to terms with what had been done to him. No, more likely the Colonel had to be rendered unconscious at the time of undergoing the mind transference. Because if he wasn’t, it would be the Colonel waking up but with the mind of Number 6, and if that had happened it would have blown the plan wide open before it really got going! So ZM73 was unconscious, he must have then been undressed and then dressed in his pyjamas before having been taken back to London. So having arrived back in London, who took ZM73 back to his house, surely not the same pair of undertakers? Because surely that would arouse suspicion, if anyone happened to be watching from across the street. A possibility would be for him to arrive by ambulance, in a wheelchair, that way he could be wearing his pyjamas, without raising any suspicion from any neighbour watching. Once inside they take ZM73, dressed in his pyjamas, lay him on the couch leaving him to wake up in his own good time. Then carry the coffin out of the house, put it back into the hearse and drive off. Although it is somewhat repetitive, and there was the danger that they could have been interrupted. Remember Janet Portland who came calling having seen her fiancés car parked outside his house as she was passing by, she could have been passing by just as the undertakers were either carrying the coffin into or out of the house. And then there’s ZM73’s car. Who brought that to the house leaving it parked outside in the street, with the top down and the keys still in the ignition? ZM73 didn’t seem to find that the least bit unusual. He may have left the car with the top down over night, but surely not with the key still in the ignition! It would appear that this is all part of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ an episode which doesn’t stand up well to too much scrutiny.

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