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Sunday 10 June 2012

The Village, The World And The Universe

  It has been asked why is the wall of the Control Room decorated with a world map and an astral chart? The question is certainly a vexing one, and I have to say I've absolutely no idea! Why the Village should need a map of the world, or indeed a astral chart when it is isolated from the rest of the world. However what I can tell you is this.
   That terrestrial and celestial globes actually come in pairs. The first terrestrial globe having been produced in 1541, and the celestial globe a decade later in 1551. And that is how they appear on the chamber wall of the Control Room together, but it still doesn't answer the question why? Perhaps someone reading this can put forward a suggestion.

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  1. A map of the world, even the nightly hemisphere: it's signalling the universal approach or even claim as a role model for the future society. Nothing more, nothing less. -BCNU

    1. Hello Arno,

      Fair enough. At least you have an axplanation, where as I........

      Kind Regards

  2. Do you mean an "axe-planation"? ;-) - BCNU

  3. Hello Arno,

    Oh that's very good an "Axe-planation," I like it. I would like to claim that it is a Freudian slip to do with Number Six's home made tools in 'The Chimes of Big Ben,' but unfortunately mine was but a slip of the keyboard!


  4. Hello All

    Bernie Williams in the A&E interview mentions Mr. McGoohan's interest in the American spy satellite program (SAMOS) all well known by the time of The Prisoner:

    Plus Mr. McGoohan was deeply moved by his personal experience of the Telestar satellite broadcast of the American president JFK. Mr. McGoohan felt that it united the world for a single moment.

    It would make sense that The Village would have their own such satellites in orbit. Thus the star map.


    Mr. Anonymous