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Thursday 25 October 2012

A B and See!

  Having recently watched 'A B and C' I was not inspired by any deep meaning thoughts, no questions sprung to mind, save for one, and it's an old one at that. The man of mystery says
"No-one will ever see me."
"No.6 I will, I want to know who I'm selling out to. We must all know."
"All, aren't you alone?"
"No, but you are.!"
"Violence will do no good."
"It relieves the feelings."
"Does it matter?"
"It does to them, we musn't disappoint them, the people that are watching."
   No.6 then prodeeds to unmask the man of mystery..........and says "I knew of course, now show them..................C."
   Of course this could very well be a double hand Patrick McGoohan is playing as Number 6, by meaning the people who are watching, it could be No.2 and No.14 in the laboratory, as well as the television viewers in their homes. And as after Number 6 has unmasked the man of mystery, who turns out to be No.2, Number 6 say's "C", but is that the letter "C" of the alphabet, or "See" as in he's showing us who the man of mystery is? I'll leave you to think that one over.
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