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Monday 15 October 2012

The Girl Who Was Death

   A few days ago I received an email from a friend of mine ZM72, and having watched 'The Girl Who Was Death' he put the idea to me that he thinks that the episode is an extension of "A, B & C" or "Living in Harmony" where a virtual reality is created for No.6. ZM72 went on to say "In T.V., when there's a plot device that the viewer has seen before, they sometimes skip over it, they assume that the viewer is already familiar with it.  Anyway, "The Girl" can make sense on a literal level if I think of it as if they've drugged No.6, feed him information about locations and view his thoughts on the screen.  Although quite how they thought a story about a mad scientist and a rocket-lighthouse would lead to him giving away his resignation secret is another matter entirely!  Maybe they thought he'd confess to get untied from the chair, if so, then No.6 found a way round that!"
   ZM72's thought's on 'The Girl Who Was Death' seems to me to be original, as I have not come across it before, certainly his idea had not occured to me. It would have been interesting to have learned what had taken place prior to Number 6 telling his fairytale. Whose idea was it originally to have Number 6 tell his story? I think 'they' thought Number 6 would tell them a different tale altogether. It strikes me that in the tale Number 6 told is a story linked to his former carreer. But since when did Number 6 become a child-minder, and for whom? Why should Number 2, or anyone else for that matter, think Number 6 would drop his guard with children? It smacks of an act of desperation if you ask me!

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