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Monday 22 October 2012

Caught On Camera

The above picture is of the lorry as it sets off on it's journey during 'The Chimes of Big Ben,' it is supposed to carry the crate containing Nadia and No.6. I think it can be reasonably assumed, that this lorry is about to drive out of a lay-by, as there is a large low-loader lorry parked a few yards in front.
    The next picture is of the lorry on the road.
   What is the first thing you observe about this lorry? There is no crate in the back! The second thing you will observe, is that it is not the same lorry in both pictures. Observe the writing on the door of the lorry in the bottom picture, which the lorry in the top picture does not have. And the lorry in the top picture, observe the black mud-guard which the lorry in the bottom picture does not have.
   Really what I have come to realise about 'the Prisoner' is, that it is quite a remarkable television series. In may ways so much detail had gone into creating the series, but in so many other ways they were so slap-dash about the detail!

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