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Wednesday 24 October 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Great Debate
   Well perhaps not the great debate of the screening order of ‘the Prisoner’ which was raging during the late 1980's well into the early to mid 1990's, but certainly there were questions over No.54's fancy dress costume in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ Whether she's supposed to be Queen Elizabeth the 1st, or Marie Antoinette, was once upon a time well questioned. So perhaps not quite the great debate that it might have been. Besides during my in-depth research into the Prisoner and all related material, many paintings of Queen Elizabeth the 1st wearing such a decorative ruff such as worn as part of the costume by No.54.

Whereas Marie Antoinelle didn't!

Watch The Birdie!

   And it has to be said that Alison-No.24 did No.6 a big favour by taking this Polaroid picture. But what No.12-Curtis hoped to gain by having it in his blazer pocket is beyond me, because he wears a cream blazer with black piping, not black with off white piping as in the picture!
   So even though if Alison had a second chance, she wouldn't do it again, she did inadvertently help No.6, because it was through this photograph that No.6 began to suspect something was wrong, starting with the bruise under his fingernail, and then the day-date calendar in the background.

Too Much To Swallow?
    During his escape of Many Happy Returns, the Prisoner chops down several small trees and out of the trunks he builds himself a sea-going raft. He empties a number of oil drums, into a drain, and secures them to the raft.
   After 25 days at sea, the Prisoner is found in a state of collapse, and tossed into the water for dead! But this seems to revive the Prisoner who then manages to climb aboard the gun-runners boat, he tackles the two gun-runners, and over powers them. Then when attacked he dives overboard and swims towards the light he has seen in the distance, and is eventually washed up on the beach at Beachy Head, and having come-to he immediately scales the cliffs where there has been recent cliff erosion......... there is much that is believable in the Prisoner, but this raging stamina, these sudden reserves of energy of his, are just too much to swallow!

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