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Wednesday 24 October 2012


  Fans of the original series of 'the Priosner' will b eonly too aware of the quirky use of everyday items as props, a hairdryer in 'Once Upon A Time,' and an adding machine doybles fro a control panel in a number of episodes. Well this quirkyness is also reflected in THEPRIS6NER.
  In the final episode, Six is given an appoinment at the clinic, he''s not feeling well, in fact he's dying!
   At the clinic the doctor 313 takes a sample of Six's blood and puts in in a machine to to analyse the sample. the machine pictured below. 313 insets a card into the machine, which when ejected contains the results of the analysis of the blood sample.

   If you study the picture carefully, you will observe that it is in fact, upside down.
 In the third picture the machine is turned rightway up, and the discovery is made..........
   .....That the machine is in fact a "clocking-on" machine, for monitoring different shift times, morening, afternoon, and overtime!

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