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Wednesday 31 October 2012


    Why anyone would believe that "Pigs breath" can have an effect on the weather is anyone’s guess, itall boils down to being Village propaganda! I could understand it if we were talking about the other end, methane and all. Two is indeed a very clever man, giving the populous of The Village something to do in times of crisis, as more holes appear in The Village. Getting the citizens to "Keep A Pig" keeps them occupied, and thinking they are doing something in order to keep The Village stable, when in fact it does nothing of the kind. But they don't know that, do they? I mean Two could hardly tell the populous the truth, could he now? There would be riots in the streets. The Palais stormed, and M2 murdered in her bed! Or would she? It's easy to sit here and type what I think the populous pf The Village might do. But then one has to sit and consider the fact that M2, the wife of Two, controls the entire Village and the general populous therein by the power of her subconscious mind. But then I suppose Two has to keep the general population happy, just in case they ask too many questions about the holes which keep appearing in The Village from time to time. But then if M2 controls everything and everyone in The Village, it's M2 who is making them ask the questions in the first place. Or is there free thought on the part of the citizens of The Village? Can they actually "think" for themselves, when people like 11-12 are born in The Village, and don't really physically exist?

   We realise, the people that stuck with it, that this series is all in the mind, well M2's mind actually, and to be carried on in the mind of 313, with the help of the new Two's help. I recall the theorists in Six of One, who wrote in the society magazine about how the Prisoner was simply all in the mind of Number Six. That the whole series is a persecution complex, brought about by the Prisoners own resignation. That in end the Prisoner, being faced with himself, had to face up to that which he fears more then anything.....himself! In this series it's Two who tries to get Six to face up to his fears, because Michael/Six resigned because he found out what he was doing. His fear that he had helped in the creation of The Village, which is after all, all in the mind.


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