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Tuesday 23 October 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Sense Of Fear
    It has often been puzzled over why Rover attacked No.12-Curtis. Some would have it that it was because of the nervous way Curtis gave the password Schizoid Man. Well the way Curtis gave the password has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Obviously Curtis was nervous at the time, and then he became frightened. And instead of standing his ground against Rover, Curtis ran. Thus Rover concluded that the prey must then be No.6 as he gave the wrong password, and so attacked, attacked the wrong man!
  Even No.2 had a job in telling the two 6's apart and needed the use of two passwords, so as to be able to tell them apart. It would also seem that Rover had a problem in distinguishing the one from the other. So it would appear that the only people who could easily tell which 6 is the real 6, are the television viewers!

   {The correct password given by No.6 should have been Gemini}

I'm Definitely A Lifer.......
............. I know Too Much!

    Well I've been studying ‘the Prisoner’ for a good many years now, and my findings, theories, and interpretations arrived at by using reasoned logic, are all in my ‘Prisoner’ based manuscript, which has taken me four years to complete. Not only that but I've made discoveries regarding the Prisoner and related material which has never been discussed by fans of the series before. And until that manuscript is published, well I guess a Prisoner I remain. there have been times when I've drifted into a small fantasy in a fictional world, that this particular manuscript would see my abduction to the village, and it's having been filed away somewhere in one of those grey filing cabinets in that large room, seen in the opening sequence..... and then I wake up!

Hero Or Anti-Hero?
    Over passed weeks I've been looking at whether No.6 is just that, a hero, or anti-hero? Well you have to decide for yourself, but look at the way he cruelly treats the females No.6 encounters. Maids who are assigned to his cottage, are treated with disdain, and sarcasm, together with snide remarks. And are often shouted at for no apparent reason. He is totally unsympathetic towards his observer-No.240, regardless of the fact that she is trying to help him. And he doesn't want to be helped when the white Queen-No.8 offers to help him escape, if his plan is a good one. Indeed No.8 is hurt very much by the brusque nature of man she loves, and believes loves her "You know you can be very cruel" No.8 tells him.
   However look at the way he takes No.8 under his wing, Nadia Rokovsky that is, but probably only because No.6 is under the impression that Nadia knows the location of the village and thereby if No.6 knows where he is sailing from, he can calculate where he is sailing to! And there there's No.24-Alison who No.6 helps with her mind-reading act, not to mention aiding Monique-No.50 who comes looking for help in preventing an assassination! Not forgetting No.36 for whom No.6 bought a bag of candy from the kiosk, that time when her credit allowance had all been used up. To No.36 No.6 would be a hero that day.
    So hero or anti-hero, the choice is yours. I suppose it would depend on who you are, and on No.6's mood on any particular day.

Be seeing you

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