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Monday 22 October 2012

The Therapy Zone

Its A Curious Thing........
   But with the original screening of ‘the Prisoner,’ indeed for anyone watching’ the Prisoner’ series for the first time, the viewer has much in common with No.2. For as keen as No.2 is to discover the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation, we the viewer are just as keen to find out why No.6 resigned. I myself have come to realise that the reason lies within the episode of Fall Out, for although the viewer is told in Once Upon A Time, you must remember that the script for ‘Once Upon A time’ was written and filmed, long before the script for ‘Fall Out’ was ever written by Patrick McGoohan. And in that, for me the reason why No.6 resigned changed.

He Really Was Going On Holiday!
   In ‘A B & C,’ they may have research and computed the Prisoner's entire life and it boiled down to three people..... A B & C. Well that's all fine and dandy, not to mention clever and a great deal of work for someone. But what made No.2 think that Paris would be the Prisoner's destination, so to attend one of Madame Engadines celebrated parties, so soon in having only just resigned his job?

To Hell With The Village
   Those are the exact words spoken by No.2 to No.6 in the Therapy Zone, and I quiet believed him! Well when I first saw the episode of Free For All I couldn't quite believe my ears, did No.2 really think of the village in that way?
   Well soon after it became very apparent that he didn't, or did he  to be perfectly honest I'm not too sure. No-one speaks openly about the village, but who knows what thoughts anyone may secretly harbour against the village.

I Take It That You Are Prepared To Meet Number 1
   No.6 was more than ready to meet No.1, and so to were the viewers. After unmasking No.1, he shouted to laugh inanely, and rush about the control room of the rocket, with No.6 close on his heels. With nowhere else to go, No.1 climbed up a steel ladder into the nose cone of the rocket, with No.6 securing the hatch behind him!
   We can only speculate on what No.6 would have done to No.1, had he been able to lay his hands on No.1. I could hardly imagine the two sitting down quietly in order to talk it over a cup of tea.... can you?

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