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Wednesday 17 October 2012

A Point Of Observation

   During the election period of 'Free For All' No.6 makes an escape attempt, by jet boat. On board the boat No.6 fights off two mechanics and eventually sets course for the open sea with No.2 aboard the helicopter in hot pursuit. The village guardian is activated, and eventually No.6 finds himself in the water, as pictured here.
    So with the tide full and No.6 overwhelmed by the Village Guardian, half drowned but still reciting part of his election speech, you would think that M.S. Polotska would arrive on the scene, it's crew to retrieve No.6 from the water. But not a bit of it! For on land an ambulance is despatched to collect the half drowned, half suffocated body of No.6.
     So what's wrong with that say I? Well it's all fine and dandy, but when we see the ambulance, towing a Red Cross trailer behind it, is racing across the beach, the tide is out. Well it would have to be wouldn't it. But only moments before the tide is full, as in the top picture. If there is one thing lacking in ‘the Prisoner’ it's continuity!

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