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Saturday 27 October 2012

The Therapy Zone

And You Thought No.2 Was Paranoid!
   No-one was ever to think, or even suggest that ‘the Prisoner’ is ‘Danger Man’ John Drake, Patrick McGoohan fervently denied that ‘the Prisoner’ is John Drake. So much so seems to have been the paranoia in making sure that no-one could possibly make or suggest such a connection, that the name in the children’s nursery rhyme used in the episode Once Upon A time was changed "See-saw Marjory Daw, Jackie shall have a new master." when the actual name is "Johnnie!" Now why else would anyone bother to change a name in a children's nursery rhyme like that?

You may Not Know This, But Perhaps You Do
   That film and television actress Fennella Fielding is the voice behind The Village, as she makes the announcements heard in The Village in the 1960's television series the Prisoner, that she went completely unaccredited for her role in the series.

  This is film director Lewis Gilbert, famous for directing the James Bond Films. But did you know, or perhaps you did, that Lewis Gilbert was originally involved with the setting up of the 1960's television series the Prisoner.

    The man who played the dead body washed up on the shore in the episode ‘Dance of the Dead,’ whose name eludes me at this time, although he was one of the production crew, said that the water was so cold that he had to dig his fingers into the sand so as to try and stem his shivering. It takes a certain person to simply lie there and play dead! Not everyone can do it you know.

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