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Monday 15 October 2012

The Therapy Zone

Number 1
   "As Graham Nearn drives the Lotus Seven up to the house of No.1 Buckingham Place in  Fall Out, what is the man putting on the front door? Is it the number 1?"
   This question was asked several years ago, and of course the man is not putting the number 1 on the front door, he's simply polishing it! As the windows are cleaned, and the front of the house is spruced up ready for the arrival of it's former occupant, who will not step over it's threshold, until he finally arrives home to collect two ready packed suitcases, passport, airline ticket, and two colour photographs!

A Correct Diagnosis!
   With No.1 running the Village, they must know, or at least No.1 must know, the reason behind No.6's resignation. So why continue to ask the question "Why did you resign?"
   Perhaps the doctors diagnosis of No.6 in & C is correct, that it is an anguish pattern - agonising physical or mental disorder. It could be that No.6 was still agonising over his decision of having resigned, and thereby he continues to persecute himself because of his resignation.

   You know that village citizen who runs about the central Piazza in ‘Arrival,’ the one the white membranic village guardian catches up with - well literally seconds later that very same young man can be seen assisting a man who is sat in a boat in the FREE SEA, then the next moment that young man's instantly gone again!
   I was going to add three pictures from the scene here in order to demonstrate the observation, but then I thought why should I do all the work, and starve you from the pleasure and enjoyment you the reader will gain from looking at the piece of film in question for yourselves.

It’s All Relative
    Just as some episodes can be parallel to certain feature films. I mean look at ‘The Schizoid Man,’ a film well suited to that episode would be The Prisoner of Zenda, in which an Englishman, who is a doppelganger for a Crown Prince, is persuaded to impersonate the Prince who is abducted prior to his being crowned King. Well isn't The Schizoid Man all about one man impersonating his twin?
   And what about ‘Dance of the Dead,’ what film would you draw a parallel with? The French Revolution.‘Edgar Allan Poe's’ ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ perhaps? In which Prince Prospero has his loyal court of Noble men and women sealed up in his castle, whilst the peasants outside die in their thousands from the Red Death. Prince Prospero holds a costume Ball, but the Red Death gets into the castle and everyone dies. and the only figure seen to move is that of the Red Death!
   Well there's a costume Ball in ‘Dance of the Dead’, and the Ball is held in the Town Hall, overseen by No.2. And originally at the end of the episode everyone was supposed to have died, save for No.6, who could have been akin to being Death!

Be seeing you

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