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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Postcard From The Village

   I remember a time when there used to be Peacocks in the Village, and one was an albino. I recall how my dog Duke frightened the albino Peacock, it few up onto the roof of the Prisoner Information shop and remained there for some time. Yes, I was able to take my dog into Portmeirion, and one day as I was taking Duke for a walk, I heard one person say, "Look, we could have brought our dog into the Village. Ah, but obviously they were only day visitors to Portmeirion, and not a guest like Duke. Well I had to pay for him to stay in the Village, and only certain cottages were dog friendly. I recall I was staying in White Horses cottage at the time. Oh years, and it was at Portmeirion that Duke found out he could swim. I was throwing a stick for him to chase on the shore. It went into the water and Duke followed it, and sank as the beach disappeared under his paws, he was underwater paddling like a good'un. He came out, shook himself and wouldn't go into the water again!

Be seeing you

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