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Monday 29 October 2012

The Therapy Zone

   After Sir and his Butler have returned home to 1 Buckingham Place, Westminster,  London, the place where it all began. A black hearse passes slowly by, but this time it holds no fear for him. However, can we be sure that it is a simple hearse, it's two undertakers having not just abducted another destined for The Village? But for Sir, he has escaped The Village of his mind. He climbs in behind the wheel of his Lotus and drives off, as the Butler watches him go. Then, the door of the house opens automatically, the Butler enters, and the door closes automatically behind him with that oh so familiar electronic buzz, just like the door of 6 Private back in The Village.
  Is Sir really free? Well no, as the word PRISONER appears on the screen as Sir drives his Lotus passed the Houses of Parliament. Oh physically he is free of The Village, here in the World outside, where you would expect things to be different, they are aren't they.....aren’t they different? Perhaps not, because before the episode of Fall Out finishes, we see that for the Prisoner it is about to commence all over again. Perhaps at the end of the day, the Prisoner prefers his dream of The Village to that of the real world!

Boy Meets Girl
   Is the title of a television drama series screened on ITV1 in May 2009. ‘Boy Meets Girl,’ boy becomes girl - girl becomes boy! Apparently there is an electrical storm, and an electrical pylon carrying heavy-duty electrical power cables, which the boy and girl are near to and are both struck by a powerful electrical charge during the storm, which they both survive. However their minds have changed places. The boys mind in now wrongly housed in the body of the girl, and the girls mind trapped in the body of the boy.
  Does this put you in mind of anything? Professor Seltzman and the episode of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ perhaps. It would seem that a scriptwriter has taken a leaf out of Professor Seltzman's book, perhaps the scriptwriter has seen this episode of ‘the Prisoner,’ and used the basis of the plot as inspiration.
       Boy Meets Girl is an ITV comedy-drama television mini-series starring Rachael Stirling and Martin Freeman. In the show, Danny Reed (Freeman) is struck by lightning. When he wakes up from the attack, he is inside the body of a woman, fashion journalist Veronica Burton (Stirling). Written by David Allison, the series began on 1 May 2009.
    Danny Reed (Martin Freeman) is directionless and dissatisfied with his lot in life. Working at a DIY superstore, he vents his frustrations on the customers when not pining for his co-worker Fiona (Angela Griffin), or foisting his encyclopaedic knowledge of useless information onto loyal friend Pete (Marshall Lancaster). He is a world away from the successful and vivacious Veronica (Rachael Stirling), whose job as a glamorous fashion journalist provides her with a well-stocked bank account and an even better-stocked social calendar. Worshipped by her devoted boyfriend, Jay (Paterson Joseph), Veronica seems to have it all. When a freak accident traps the mismatched strangers in each other's bodies, the results are not pretty.
    As Danny and Veronica struggle with their new identities they begin to discover new truths about themselves. But besides learning to walk in high heels or being forced to 'slum it' with the working classes, the pair long to get back to their own bodies and, ultimately, their old lives.

Did You Know - Or Perhaps You Did
   That both the Butler and No.2 in ‘the Prisoner’ episode of Once Upon A Time are wearing Inuit glasses. What's more if you look carefully other citizens in The Village throughout the series, who can also be seen to be wearing Inuit glasses, to protect their eyes against what, the glare of the snow? Yes that would be right, or is it simply for effect, that all kinds of unusual things at the time, were employed in ‘the Prisoner?’ What’s more a number of citizens can be seen wearing these Inuit sunglasses.

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