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Saturday 20 October 2012

Tonight On The Video Channel

  Not one of my favourite episodes I have to admit, although I do feel sorry for Number 2 in this case. Well the fault wasn't entirely his, Number 14 must take some responsibility for that. And perhaps that is why we see this Number 2 is given a second chance in 'The General.'
   The Tally Ho headline "Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?" is not I believe a question of this No.2's ability, but one questioning his health. Number 2 who is frequently seen drinking milk, this, I believe, is because he has a stomach ulcer. And strange that The Tally Ho displays a date in the top righthand corner, as does the newspaper display the same date in 'The Schizoid Man,' the one being gywell for both jobs. In one case for the headline, the other for the date.
    It has always made me wonder why the Prisoner would resign his job, and then go running off to attend a party given by Madame Engadine in Paris, it always seemed ridiculous to me that he should do that. And where he would have gone on from there is anyone's guess, but I suspect not back home in London!
    This is a fine example of 'Inception,' the act of getting into the subconscious mind and planting ideas in a persons dreams. But the dream must be acted out, the Prisoner left to do what he would have done had they not got to him first!    Be seeing you.

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