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Wednesday 17 October 2012

The Therapy Zone

Be Still!
   Was the order given to the citizens by No.2 in the central Piazza during Arrival, and everyone stood stock still, including the newly arrived Prisoner. However one young man did not, and he went running around in circles, and it has been presumed that that was the reason the village guardian attacked him.
   Ah, but then in ‘Checkmate,’ as that membranic village guardian came rolling and bounding along the road, all the citizens along that street stood stock still, save for No.14 and the village guardian didn't attack them!

Mrs. Butterworth
   She may appear to be the kindly middle aged widowed woman, who is intrigued by a raggedy man who shows up on her door step. Who listens to the mans story about the car she drives, invites him in, and not only feeds him, but co-operates by showing him the lease of the house and the logbook of her car.
    More than that, Mrs. Butterworth cannot let the Prisoner go like that, at least not without a wash, shave, and change of clothes. Those of her late husband Arthur’s clothes, who just so happens to be the same size as the raggedy man - the Prisoner. But don't be fooled by this kindly woman who allows the Prisoner the use of what was his kar, who promises to bake him a birthday cake if he doesn't forget to come back, which the Prisoner promises to do.

   Mrs. Butterworth's personal housemaid, who didn't take to the raggedy man she finds on her mistresses doorstep. In fact she doesn't take to the Prisoner at all, and looked down her nose at him. But Martha is loyal to her mistress, well she has to be, following her to the village the way she did. Mrs. Butterworth knew exactly what she would be getting into by accepting her secondment to the village as No.2, but Martha, she had no idea, and no idea that her kindly mistress Mrs. Butterworth would one day leave the village, but leave her behind. That is the kind of woman Mrs. Butterworth is, not kind at all, but a hard hearted woman. She knew that although one day she would be allowed to leave the village, but not so her housemaid Martha.
   Here is Martha-No.26 who No.6 encounters again at the kiosk in the episode of Its Your Funeral. It appears that Martha has a sweet tooth and despite her weeks credit allowance having been all used up, she cannot go a day without her sweets. And that's when No.6 takes pity on her and buys a bag of candy for the lady. Sweet tooth, or is there something in the sweets sold to her by the kiosk vender, which makes them addictive? Well you know how the Village works.
   But in any case, I bet life in the village brought Martha-No.26 down to Earth with a bump. And no longer does she look down her nose at people, her once superior manner now a thing of the past, now that she is no better than anyone else in the Village. Here she is and here she'll spend the rest of her days.

A B & C
    No.2 told the doctor-No.14 that he hadn't got a week, in fact he'd only three days in which to achieve a result, acquiring the reason behind No.6's resignation. No.2 also informed the good doctor that they had researched and computer the Prisoner's whole life, and had discovered that it boiled down to three people, ‘A B & C.’ Well if they had done all that, then why not simply ask the computer why the Prisoner had resigned, instead of going through all the rigmarole of ‘A B & C?’
   So much time spent researching and computing the Prisoner's whole life, was the probable reason as to why No.2 had so little time, three days in fact, in which to achieve the required result! He could also have been coming to the end of his term of office, according to The Tally Ho there was already doubt as to whether No.2 was fit for a further term! A question of health, rather then ability I should have thought.

Be seeing you

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