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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Village Technology

   I suppose the heading could have been How Does It Work? But isn't Village technology wonderful. If there's something they haven't got, they'll make it out of something they have, even to the point of converting something like a simple hairdryer! I wonder what it does now? It's use seems to be for reviving No.6 after the brawl with No.2, but perhaps it's use is to help keep No.6's mind regressed to his childhood.
    Then on the other hand, it's probably the properies department of the production making good use of what they have to hand in the prop department!

I'll be seeing you - after I've been to the hairdressers!


  1. One of the most famous props ever used in a TV series must be the electrical flat-iron featured in the unique German SF series "Raumpatrouille" which was running for only six episodes. It was produced almost at the same time as The Prisoner and first broadcast here in September 1966 at prime-time with audience figures soaring up to over 50%. In Britain, to my knowledge, it was shown as "Space Patrol".

    But, have a look, 3rd image from top:

    1. Hello Arno,

      I took a look at the electric flat-iron, it's quite amazing that ordinary everyday objects can be given a whole new life as props for television programmes.
      I watched "Space Patrol" when I was a child. I have seen an episode since, and time has not been kind to it. One device they had was the "Vibrogun," it made Morag and I think of something else entirely!

      Kind regards