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Sunday 21 October 2012

Teabreak Teaser

    There has always been something which puzzled me about that escape attempt by No.6 and Nadia, well two things really, possibly three or four things and they all concern 'The Chimes of Big Ben'.....the first being;

     How was that one man going to move that crate all on his own?

     Supposing for a moment, that Nadia's story was true. How did her contact man in the cave know Nadia was going to escape from the Village? Are we to suppose that he stayed at the cave simply on the off chance?

     How did Nadia's contact man know she was in the Village in the first place? 

    Finally, Nadia told Number 6 that she had a contact from a nearby fishing village. How could Nadia have possibly contacted him seeing as she was supposed to be a prisoner in the Village? And why didn't Number 6 question how it was possible for Nadia to have made contact with anyone outside the Village?


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