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Monday 22 October 2012

Postcard From The Village

   The atmosphere here is very different from what it is elsewhere, especially at night. Portmeirion takes on a whole different atmosphere at night time to what it has in the day time. It's not so "lit up" at night these days, but I remember a time when large lights used to light up certain builings in the Village, as seen here.
   I recall when I was staying at Portmeirion with the wife, and we were enjoying a leisurely  late night stroll, when suddenly the music of a flute drifted out over the Village. It was magical, a little eerie even, and added much to the atmosphere. You know, we never did find who was playing the flute, or from where the music originated, it was just all around, pervading the atmosphere of the Village.

I'll be seeing you

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