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Friday 26 October 2012


    Judging by this photograph, it would seem that Six was suspect, and being watched by "Undercover" 909 long before the episode of ‘Anvil,’ because in the photograph Six is depicted wearing his wedding day suit, as in the previous episode ‘Darling.’
  Here Two is seen being driven in his Bentley convertible, the only time we see Two being driven in the car, is in the final episode ‘Checkmate.’
   It makes you wonder where the production crew found all these 1950's and 60's cars, van's, and bicycles, seen throughout the series, in Namibia and South Africa. I mean they couldn't possibly have taken them all with them from America. It seems pretty likely that they were found, and hired from a museum, seeing as how they are all so immaculate. After all the Go-Inside bar was a bicycle museum in Cape Town.
    Through his work as an "Undercover," Six discovers that there is the possibility that everyone in The Village belongs to an "Undercover cell," and so that everyone is spying on everybody else. It's an extraordinary and horrifying thing. Yet is common place. For example my next door neighbour could be an "Undercover." Every time I'm out in the garden, my neighbour comes out into hers, and passes the time of day with me, asking how I am, and discussing the weather and the like. And when I'm about to go out, there she is, "Gong shopping are you?" "Yes" I respond. One of these days I'll fool her, and say I'm going shopping when I'm not going to do anything of the kind. But then I suppose when I don't come home with any shopping that will be written down in her report and I'll then become suspect! Shall I give it a go and see what happens? Yes I think I will, but I bet you nothing happens. Such is life outside The Village!
    Here is Two enjoying his own private Golf Course. Such are the privileges of being Two.
   But playing on ones own cannot be that much fun when Two can only pit himself against, well himself. But Two enjoys any kind of game, that's why he puts the challenge to Six, to see if he can turn an opportunity to his own advantage. It's a trap and Six knows it's a trap which Two has set, because Two tells Six it is a trap.
    I wonder if 909 accepted that he was going to die by the knife of 11-12? After all 909 was a dreamer, wasn't he? And being a dreamer made him suspect, so perhaps 909 had figured out for himself what lies beyond Village Death - a return to a previous life in that "Other Place."

   This is the Solar Cafe, it has a sun motif on top of the copula on top of the building, as seen in the next image, which is very much Portmeironesque.
   On the one hand, the Solar Cafe is an American Diner interior, showing an American influence. But at the same time, it has to be very Village. So they tried to soften the diner, to mix it with a bit of English, a bit of German, a bit of Swakopmund, and a bit of Portmeirion architecture, to somehow confuse people. As this is another Village, in another time, in another mind, and in someone else’s dream, but with elements of the other dream that has just crept in.
  The owners of Swakopmund, a German holiday resort, liked the Solar Cafe so much, that they tried to buy the building. But as we know, the Solar Cafe was actually blown up in the first episode.

THEPRIS6NER –Someone’s Impersonating Two!
   Here we see Two about to enter the Village Shop. Yet if you look closely you will see that Two almost crossed paths with someone who was going about The Village impersonating Two. There he is, passing Two, and dressed the same as Two!
   I missed this the first time round, and just goes to show how little I know THEPRIS6NER, yet I fully intend to get to know this series very well indeed.
  What's more, every picture tells a story, and more about the character of Two then one may realise. All you have to do is look upon his benign expression, because there's something dark and twisted lurking behind it, or is that Two simply likes cherry cake?


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