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Sunday 21 October 2012

The Therapy Zone

Its All Schizoid!
    If No.6 is quite literally No.1, then who is who is on the telephone when No.2 calls, or more often than not is called by No.1? On explanation could be that No.1/6 is suffering from schizophrenia and so at times behaves as No.1 but at other times he believes he is No.6.
    However this theory hinges on whether or not No.6 is physically in No.2's office at the same time No.2 is on the telephone speaking with No.1. and in fact this occurs towards the end of the ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ episode, when No.2 is reporting himself as being a breakdown in control. So subsequently this scene blows this theory out of the water!
    As No.2 once said "Back to the beginning!"

I'm Afraid Of Nothing!
   If that's so, why does No.2 hide behind a pair of solid steel doors? Presumably they are blast proof! But apparently not No.6 proof, as you can observe how easily No.6 pulls the steel doors apart during Many Happy Returns - and using only his bare hands, presumably because the power is off he is able to do this. And how do we know the power is off, because the pair of steel doors did not open automatically for him on that particular morning, nor could No.6 boil his kettle back in the kitchen of his cottage.

A Sense Of Humour - Strong And Unimpaired
"Top of his class in woodwork!" During ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ No.2 tries to encourage No.6 to "Join in." To which No.6 responds "I'll make you a handle for this door!" which I find very humourous, as does No.2 "Ha ha ha ha ha ha...." as no wooden handle would make the pair of steel doors work.

Be seeing you


  1. Hi David,

    regarding the identity of Number 1: If Number 6 is Everyman, and Number 1 is Number 6, then Number 1 must be Everyman, too. Handy, isn't it? ;)

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Jana,

      Yes, a bit too handy perhaps. If No.1 and No.6 are one and the same, then No.1 knows why No.6 resigned, but he doesn't say, he much perfers to torment his other self, as No.6 puts himself through an anguish pattern, anguishing over his resignation perhaps!

      Kind Regards

    2. Hi David,

      this is a very interesting interpretation, Number 1 tormenting Number 6 despite knowing the reasons of his resignation, and Number 6 putting himself through an anguish pattern.. To me it sounds reasonable..

      Perhaps Number 1 knows the reasons but doesn't understand them, for they are not part of his philosophy of life. Or he knows and understands the reasons but hopes to break Number 6 and to change his mind, perhaps even using his anguish pattern?

      I'd like to see No 6 and No 1 as kindred spirits. Look the same, taste the same, but at least one of them is missing something.

      Kind regards,

  2. >>Perhaps Number 1 knows the reasons but doesn't understand them, for they are not part of his philosophy of life.<< That's an intriguing point.

    Recently, in one of the old society mags on the history of "Fall Out" Alexis Kanner is said to have reported about PMcG telling of a Hollywood producer who'd come to meet him but whose "...hip bone ain't connected to his thigh bone the way yours and mine is... " Why then should No. 1 fare better? - BCNU!