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Saturday 20 October 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Schizoid Man – Sometimes in My Dream………
No.6 "Couldn't sleep. Came here to.... Who am I?"
No.6 "You know who you are, you're Number 12."
"Yes I'm Number 12.... but sometimes in my dreams I'm...... I'm somebody else."
           Frank Maher Perhaps!

A cruel Act!
    It was a cruel act wasn't it, perhaps the most cruel act of all that comes at the end of ‘The Schizoid Man.’ When No.2 asks No.6 not to forget to give his regards to Susan, and allows No.6 to get aboard the helicopter. To let the helicopter take off and make No.6 think he's got away with it, only for the helicopter to circle the Village, then to land from where it took of from. That was cruel of No.2, and perhaps because of that he's the worst of them all!

    Living In Harmony: Being in a town of Harmony - Being in Harmony with the community or society - Being in Harmony with oneself {with ones conscience}.
Decoding The Prisoner
   Chris Gregory in his book of the same title writes "In ‘The General’ experiments are being conducted with mass brainwashing." Well I suppose that it all depends on your definition of what actual brainwashing is - to change a person's ideas or beliefs by physical and mental conditioning, used over a long period. To completely wash away a persons mind, to replace his identity with that of another.
    Well certainly no village student of Speedlearn had their mind actually brainwashed, they all still knew who they were, neither had their minds actually been conditioned, it was a simple case of implanting knowledge inside their minds by subliminally. No real actual harm was done, save that every student of Speedlearn knew exactly the same thing, word for word, parrot fashion!
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