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Saturday 13 October 2012

Tonight On the Video Channel

  Tonight I'll be able to hear 'The Chimes of Big Ben,' and if only Post Five had had his wrist watch set at Polish time instead of Greenwich meantime, then perhaps we might have learned the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation.
   Poor old Number 6, he thought he had escaped the Village. He thought that having done so, risking his life and hers in the process, that it would be different, it is isn't it, isn't it different? Unfortunately the only difference for Number 6 is, it's the Colonel asking the questions instead of Number 2!
    I'm quite sure that the agent Nadia Rakovsky, if indeed that is her name, had been well briefed on the Village, on what to expect, briefed on Number 6. But no amount of briefing could have prepared her for the experience she suffered at the membrane of the Village Guardian!
   I always enjoy the moment Number 6 puts the loudspeaker into the refridgerator, thus bringing peace and quiet to his cottage. The last time we saw Number 6 dealing with a loudspeaker in his cottage, he used good old fashioned brute force, by trampling the loudspeaker to pieces underfoot. Yet the music played on, and good old fashioned brute force availed Number 6 nothing. But now he has found a more subtle way of dealing with the piped musak.
   The first time I watched this episode on October 13th 1967 I thought that Number 6 had actually escaped the Village. So when it became apparent that it had all been a ploy, a trick, the sudden realisation came as much a surprise to me, as it did to Number 6!

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