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Wednesday 31 October 2012


    Last night myself and my wife were privileged to have been able attended a dress rehearsal of Paul Gosling's play, and our thanks go to Paul and director Carlos Dandolo for allowing us to do so.
    Photographs? Oh yes I was allowed to take photographs of the dress rehearsal, and a few video clips, but you'll not be seeing any of them here, because I know at least one person who reads my blog will be attending a performance of the play this coming Saturday night. So pictures and video clips will be posted after the final performance of the play on November 3rd.
  The evening was very enjoyable. I was able to talk with the author of the play, director, and cast members Rob Leeson, Karen Gordon, and Colin Woods, in order to gain a little background material, notes of which have yet to be written up.
   Before the dress rehearsal we all chatted in the bar, and it was not long before talk turned to 'the Prisoner.' And the play? Well I'm not giving away any spoilers, for the reason stated. However my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the play. It is a very original play, and extremely well written. The one act play runs for around an hour, and I did wonder how that time would be filled. We are used to seeing 'the Prisoner' and films starring Patrick McGoohan, but this is a play regarding the relationship between Patrick McGoohan and Lew Grade which is something completely different, and in that Paul Gosling had really done his research, and the play works very well indeed, it is also highly entertaining. Rob Leeson has to be congratulated on his characterisation of Patrick McGoohan. It's all very well copying him as one of his characters, but quite another to portray him as himself, and to keep it up for an hour. We asked Colin Woods who plays the role of Lew Grade, does he have the cigar which Lew Grade was so famous for? Colin just touched his nose and said "Ah, all will be revealed!" And it was.

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